The “Real Estate Seychelles “, has been created in January 2000.

Located on the island of Mahe, we offer real estate of very high range.

We are able to accompany you for a personal property purchase, property search, authorization request etc …

For commercial investments, we develop and present the files to the competent administrations.

Real Estate Law in Seychelles
The acquisition of property in Seychelles is, in principle, reserved for Seychellois nationals, however, several direct or indirect solutions exist.

1) Request a authorization from the  Government called “Sanction”, a period of minimum 6 months is required to obtain the response of the administration.

2) Buy at “Edend Island” or other more luxurious complexes, in which case the “sanction” was negotiated globally for all foreign acquirers .

This solution can be selected if you want to live quickly in Seychelles, usually these complexes offer a berth, we can take care of the registration of your boat under the flag’s seychelles.

3) Real estate law in Seychelles is evolving, do not hesitate to contact us for more information

See the speech of Mr. President for more information.