The “Agence Immobilière des Seychelles “, has been created in January 2000. Located in the heart of  Victoria, (capital of Seychelles islands), propose you some properties of very high standard.

The Seychelles rules in real estate domain are the following:

normally, only Seychelles citizen can buy an immovable property in Seychelles, however some alternatives solutions exist :

1. To ask a special authorization from the Seychelles Government, called “sanction”

2. To buy in the resort called “Eden Island ” or other more luxury resorts, where the “sanction was negociated for all the potential buyers.

This solution can be useful if you want to rent your property and have your personal mooring in the marina.

In this case, we can look after the registration of your boat under Seychelles flag and manage the renting of your property.

3. Real estate law in Seychelles is being for change.

Government is reviewing the State Land and Rivers Act to ensure that — with a few minor exceptions, such as in cases of exchange of land with the State — individuals who are not Seychellois citizens will no longer be allowed to buy State land freehold. The same principle will apply to privately owned land. Foreigners will no longer be allowed to buy properties freehold but they may be permitted a long-term non-renewable lease of 70 years.  See the speech of Mr. President for more information.